Personnel Policies and Procedure Manual

This easy to understand and ready to implement guide was developed to avert common pitfalls many physicians face in day-to-day management. Developed by:
PRACTICE & LIABILITY CONSULTANTS who work with physicians in consultation to solve existing personnel problems brought about by failure to have established personnel policies…
Attorneys who are experts in labor law through defense and plaintiff litigation, and who have hospital and medical group personnel management experience.

Learn from both collaborators’ experience!!!
This manual was developed to avert common pitfalls many physicians face in day-to-day management of staff in the medical office. PRACTICE AND LIABILITY CONSULTANTS and The Williams Group collaborated to develop a complete, easy to understand and ready to implement guide to establish effective personnel policies in the medical office.

The Personnel Manual can be purchased As-Is or Customized to your business’ specific information including legal business name on all forms and manuel edited to include existing benefits offered, overtime and holidays offered, uniform or appearance requirements, retirement and worker’s compensation, and more! To read more about the benefits and contents of the Personnel Manual – please view our PDF flyer by clicking here!

The purchase includes a printed copy of the Master Personnel Manuel in a binder, personnel forms for interviews, hiring and onboarding, performance reviews, dismissal and termination forms; a USB drive that contains files of the manual and forms, and a copy of each pamphlet required to be provided to employees.

Updates for 2018 & 2019 Include:  Immigration Enforcement, Salary History Inquiry Regulations, Ban the Box, Harassment Prevention Training, Lactation Breaks and Accommodations, Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation, Gender-Neutral Language Requirements, Payroll Records Requirements, and more!

ACCMA/CMA Members – Customized $599 + Tax, S&H = $654.42
Non-Members – Customized $649 + Tax, S&H = $708.30
ACCMA/CMA Members – General $549 + Tax, S&H = $600.55
Non-Members – General $599 + Tax, S&H = $654.42

*All policy manuals and customized products are non-refundable.

Practice Startup

New Practice Decision Grid $89 + Tax, S&H

Seminar Manuals

Seminar 101: Transitioning from Training to Practice $69 + Tax, S&H
Seminar 201: MBA In A Day – What Medical School Didn’t Teach You About The Business Side of Your Practice $149 + Tax, S&H
Seminar 301: Having It All – A Workshop for Today’s Women Physicians $39 + Tax, S&H
Seminar 401: Merger Mania: Practice Marriages Made in Heaven or Hell? $79 + Tax, S&H
Seminar 501: Avoiding Conflict / Achieving Consensus (or, How to Prevent Practice Divorce) $49 + Tax, S&H
Seminar 601: Physician Compensation: Income/Overhead Distribution $49 + Tax, S&H
Seminar 701: Valuing, Merging and Selling a Practice $79 + Tax, S&H
Seminar 801: Retirement Planning: How to Close Your Practice and Enjoy Financial Security $49 + Tax, S&H
Seminar 901: PPMC, MSO, PHO, IDS – Should You Join One? $79 + Tax, S&H
Seminar 1001: How to Avoid Embezzlement $29 + Tax, S&H

Managed Care

Seminar 1101: Capitation Contracting: Avoiding Pitfalls…Attaining Profits $79 + Tax, S&H
Seminar 1201: Negotiating Contracts: Necessary Skills for Physicians, Not Just Lawyers! $39 + Tax, S&H
Seminar 1301: Employing Physician Extenders to Enhance Your Practice $39 + Tax, S&H
Seminar 1401: Strategies to Survive Capitation: Implementing Health Promotion and Wellness $39 + Tax, S&H
Seminar 1501: Preparing Your Office for Managed Care/HMO Audits $29 + Tax, S&H
Seminar 1601: Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Dealing with Your IPA but Were Afraid to Ask. $79 + Tax, S&H

Practice Management

Seminar 1701: “MBA” for MDs and Managers $79 + Tax, S&H
Seminar 1801: Reducing Your Overhead…Realizing Increased Income $49 + Tax, S&H
Seminar 1901: Successful Personnel Management $49 + Tax, S&H
Seminar 2001: Continuous Quality Improvement: Practices and Perceptions $39 + Tax, S&H
Seminar 2101: Telephone, Scheduling and Patient Flow Techniques $49 + Tax, S&H
Seminar 2201: Mastering The Paperwork Monster $39 + Tax, S&H
Seminar 2301: Choosing the Best Computer System for Your Practice $49 + Tax, S&H
Seminar 2401: Maximize Your Profits $49 + Tax, S&H
Seminar 2501: Billing Compliance for the Physician Practice $39 + Tax, S&H

Marketing and Patient Relations

Seminar 2601: Marketing in Health Care $29 + Tax, S&H
Seminar 2701: Improved Patient Relations = Increased Profits $29 + Tax, S&H
Seminar 2801: Customer Service and Dealing with the Angry Patient $29 + Tax, S&H

Liability and Regulatory

Seminar 2901: Malpractice Prevention – Strategies for the Medical Office $69 + Tax, S&H
Seminar 3001: Medical Records – Prevention Strategies for the 3 M’s $39 + Tax, S&H